The pre-30 Birthday

This past weekend I turned 29. I don’t much care for odd numbers, but 29 seems to have some dignity to it. In honor of the birthday, I posted a new profile pic, actually taken on the day itself.

The birthday day was low key, but I realized it was all about why I moved here. In the morning/afternoon I babysat my nephew while his parents were at a funeral. It wasn’t a great reason to be babysitting, but it was a great time. I’d love to go on and on about the cute kid things, but I’m sure that would be boring. So just one–we were playing basketball in his room, and I pretended to fall over. He has a strange penchant for pretending to snore, so I decided to lay down on his floor and pretend snore. As I did this he walked over to his crib, pulled his blankie out from between the slats, and put it on me. Then he shut off the light, said “go nigh nigh” and closed the door. Hilarious!

After babysitting, I went out to dinner and ate amazing food with my parents. I did miss birthday calls from some dear friends while we were out, but I was super thankful to have heard from them.

It was a different birthday than the last few years, but good. For the big 30 I’m thinking maybe a Mexican vacation is in order.



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2 responses to “The pre-30 Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! I love the new hairstyle.

  2. Hope you had a happy birthday! I remember 29. 🙂

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