Pardon the slight interruption

So last week I was all into the routine of less TV evenings, and thoroughly enjoying it, much more than I had thought I might. However, it was not to last…

(this may get a little gory)

Apparently, and I did not know this before, antibiotics can work too well. So the medication I took for a sinus infection overworked its magic, and ended up starting an intestinal bacterial battle royale. Unbeknownst to me until Saturday, the good guys lost, and the evil bacteria took over to rule the kingdom.

So evil bacteria were holding court, and I could do little else but lay on the couch and every so often run to the bathroom. Somehow silence and quiet were not so appealing. Luckily for me, less TV weeknights meant that TiVo had many good offerings, and combined with the PBS “House” series (1900s House, Frontier House, 1940s House, etc.), I was kept good and entertained.

Normally you’d probably think something like this might last 24 hours, or maybe two days at the most…but here it is, Wed., and I’m just starting to feel better, thanks to the power of another, stronger, anti-evil bacteria antibiotic. The downfall? Insomnia. So tonight it’s powerful evil bacteria fighting antibiotic and a sleeping pill. A glass of wine would have been a good way to wind down, but I guess that combined with this antibiotic equals death.

Other than being a wee bit ill, I can’t come up with a coherent topic to write about tonight. I’m thinking about a lot…I liked hearing about people’s 5 or 10 year plans (mostly about not having one). I’m thinking a lot lately about where I want to be in 5 or 10 years…at least in broad strokes.

Also, a high school guy from here drowned in a pool over the weekend. I guess he and some friends were delayed on a plane trip and ended up spending the night in Minneapolis. They picked up some girls from college, got drunk, and one of the guys was found dead in the bottom of the pool. It’s been interesting watching the local paper because they seem to be trying to be very nice about it all, although the commenters are not necessarily so nice. I do wonder where they find the time to post comments over and over again.


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  1. feel better soon! i currently have the sneezes and sniffles… i much prefer that to the whole stomach war you described… 🙂

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