A Random Post

I’ve had a cold all week and am just feeling better. My eyelids are way too heavy for it to be only 9:10pm. I hung out with Ang, Ryan, and Amalia today, and Amalia smiled at me for the first time. Go Barack. I’m haunted by an NPR story on “incentive trusts,” one of which was sprung on a 30 year old woman by her parents. The trust gave her children money…only she was single and didn’t have children. Guilting from beyond the grave I suppose. I’m not watching the Super Bowl. I went to Covenant, and for the 2nd time in 2 weeks heard about the middle voice in Hebrew…very intriguing. Must learn more. I think I’m missing teaching. I shared a hymnal with a stranger this morning at church, and the little girl next to him handed a bulletin to him to put in the chair pocket. When he did it, she clapped for him and we both laughed.



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2 responses to “A Random Post

  1. Interesting…that’s more on the middle voice than I heard in 3 years of seminary. Not really. But, on average…I am curious.

  2. Well, in both cases the point was (if I was paying attention sufficiently) that in the middle voice someone initiates action, but very quickly after the person the action was initiated on has to participate. I like that. Linguistically it’s interesting…Often in English we use the passive voice to avoid responsibility, like “Decisions were made.” I think that with the middle voice you still have to participate. It makes me want to learn more.

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