So I decided a few days ago that for the good of my health and since I’m already paying the money, I should use my gym membership more often. Last night I did the elliptical, my favorite. I walked the track a few times, trying to get up the courage to do the weight machines. Let’s just say I’m painfully intimidated by the gym.

I also checked out the class schedules, and decided on a water class tonight call “Deep Water Power.” It sounded a little like a revivalist baptism, but I decided to go for it anyway. I went into the pool area, afraid I was a little late, and the teacher said yes, that was the water aerobics class. I got in, and did the stretches. There were a few younger women, great since the average age is usually 50ish.

I started to realize something was wrong when I noticed a bunch of the regular ladies…50ish, hanging out in the deep water. I realized we were in the shallow…and as the teacher ended the stretches with giving yourself a hug, I looked around, just confused. One of the women took pity on me and smiled. I asked her if that was the end of the class, and she said “Yeah, this was the pregnancy class.” Oh….I hadn’t realized…I looked around again, and graciously she said “We’re all pregnant, but the water really hides it.”

So I did a little extra stretching with the mommies-to-be before deep water power. Deep water power itself? Eh…It was fine.


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