Cayman Activities

The vacation was amazing. I do have to say though, that in my mind it has been overshadowed by the trip home. I still don’t have the energy to describe it, but when I do I will vent and rant to my heart’s content.

So for now, here’s what it was all about: sunshine and warmth. And I already told ya’ll about the church debacle.

There was a beach, some pina coladas, lots of hanging out with babies, and tons of taking pictures of the babies.

There was also a turtle farm. Muchos turtles. I think, as far as I could tell, they were basically being raised to be eaten on the island, but they provided hours of entertainment for us.

There was also lots of hangin’ with the nephews, as I mentioned. Here are a few of my favorite weird pics of them from the trip:



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3 responses to “Cayman Activities

  1. Even the picture with you in it, has pictures of Babies. What was it like to hold onto a tortoise?

  2. Ever since the babies, it’s pretty much all about them. They did get me to move back to the Midwest…Holding a turtle was strange. You’re supposed to put your hand around their armpit and stroke their throats. A little bizarre.

  3. So, do tell. What happened on the trip home?

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