Maybe Not This Time…

I’ve had a little trouble concentrating at work this week, since my family is leaving for vacation on Saturday. I’ve been thinking about laying on the beach, going to a turtle farm (for reals), and whether or not I’ll check my work e-mail (probably won’t be able to resist) while we’re gone.

I was also thinking about the last time I went to Grand Cayman. The trip itself doesn’t stand out too much in my mind, other than two things. First, after the trip I did a writing assignment in a high school class that changed everything. The teacher had the piece I wrote published in a school newsletter that went out to a bunch of people, and it cost me a friendship that was dear at the time. It turned into a blessing eventually because that started friendships with some people at another school, most of whom are still dear friends today.

The other thing I remember about the trip is this:

HA HA HA HA HA!!!! I thought the braids were awesome at the time. And, if I’m remembering right, my hair was so thick that there were over 200 braids when the people were done braiding it. The glasses also rock, I think. Ah, 9th grade.

So I’m not planning on any braiding this trip, or offending dear friends. There will be much snorkeling, and with the free underwater camera that came with my snorkel gear, I plan to take many blurry pictures of a quarter of a fish’s tail or the edge of my flipper, or whatever else I can’t successfully focus on.



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6 responses to “Maybe Not This Time…

  1. kristin

    Oh, I TOTALLY remember those braids!!! How long did you have them? For some reason, I’m remembering you having them during the summer, at convention. But I could be wrong…Funny, though, you look a lot younger in that picture than I remember you looking in 9th grade. 🙂

  2. Why, oh why, is the picture not showing up for me? I really want to see it!

  3. Boo- I can’t see the picture either 😦

  4. I don’t know what’s up with the picture….sorry!

  5. Okay. Braids = So nineties. I think I had them too. I thought they were so super cool. A little bit of teenage male angst I think.

  6. Wow- that’s so great…totally worth the reposting of the picture!

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