Caucus! Caucus!

First, way to go Obama! I’m thrilled that he won Iowa. I can only hope it continues. I think in celebration I’ll watch our friend Nathaniel dance again.

Also, if you’re looking at this on Caucus Day, Google Maps has a pretty cool caucus feature that shows which counties voted for whom. It’s cool.

So now the only question is this–is it inappropriate to wear my Obama t-shirt to work tomorrow?

PS (Maybe a long PS) My colleague and I had lunch with this older lady who used to do our jobs. To make a long story short, she wanted to set me up with a “good South Dakota boy,” who hunts and fishes and doesn’t read…ick. She was going on and on, and finally I just said “Well, one question…is he a Democrat? And does he go to church?” That shut her up straight away. Yay for a party affiliation that does something for me once.



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2 responses to “Caucus! Caucus!

  1. Anonymous

    really, one of his positive attributes was that he doesn’t read? or was it that he doesn’t read good? i would wear the t-shirt but be sure to appropriately accessorize (i suggest a nice pair of earrings and a red belt). congrats on your political victory. john

  2. I can’t believe it, but I actually forgot to wear my Obama t-shirt! Of all the times to wear it… I was really just saving it for the actual election after he’s nominated!

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