‘Tis Winter

It is most definitely winter here in South Dakota. I was thrilled to have the grey everything covered by the white, until the white became gray with exhaust and general nastiness.

The picture is of last Saturday’s snow storm, the first of the season. I was hunkered down all day, taking notes from the neighbors on how to scoop the driveway.

It seems simple, scooping the driveway. Except if you’re mechanically challenged as I am. Anything that involves machines, even simples ones like levers and pullies generally baffles me, warranting a phone call to my mom that starts with “Okay, I’ve got another dumb question.”

I really didn’t think snow shoveling would be on this list. The day before the storm in the picture, we had received about 2 inches or so of snow. I was so excited that I wanted to try shoveling the drive. I got out there before work and used my new shovel to make long rows, up and down the driveway. It was easier than I thought, and went relatively quickly.

During Saturday’s storm I watched some of the neighbors scoop their drives, even before the storm was over. I realized I’d been doing it all wrong. Instead of scooping up and down the long way, and hauling the snow the whole length of the drive, you’re supposed to start in the middle, and shove it to the side. Lesson 1 learned.

A few of the neighbors were shoveling as it snowed, which I found utterly ridiculous. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to wait until it was all over? No. Not if you value your back and muscles that won’t hate you. I waited until Sunday morning when all was over and there was a thin layer of frozen rain on the top of the snow. Let’s just say snow shoveling has been placed on the list of household chores I do not enjoy. Even so, it’s still better than cleaning the gutters.

So winter is here, and for a few brief moments when the new snow has fallen and before the chores begin, I love it.


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  1. I learned that same shoveling lesson…and did it the hard way the first time. Now however after watching Mark and my neighbors use the easier technique I feel more prepared.

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