I’ve been thinking about what to say about Thanksgiving ever since I got on the plane to leave San Jose. The best I’ve come up with is that it felt like home.

First, everyone surprised me by coming to the airport and bringing a sign and balloons. It was the first time anyone had done that for me, and that was awesome. Here’s an imitation picture of my reaction, since I was so shocked when it happened I think I put my hand up in front of my face.

Of course there was the big Thanksgiving meal, cooked beautifully by everyone, and hosted by Donna and John. It was hands down the best Thanksgiving meal so far, undoubtedly due to John and Donna’s status as the best cooks/bakers/drinkmakers ever.
The day after Thanksgiving was spent with the amazing Jen and Brian. Jen was gracious enough to go to the mall with me, against her better judgment. Then we met up with Jen B. and took the light rail downtown to Christmas in the park. Here are a few light rail smiles:I got to wear baby Camille all the way to Christmas in the park. I totally “get” baby-wearing now. It was so cozy, and she’s not even my baby. If I ever have a baby, I’m totally wearing it.

Camille had quite a few photo shoots at Christmas in the park, this one with mommy Jen.The day after Christmas in the park (I didn’t really pay attention to the days of the week during vacation) I hung out with Donna and John. We stopped at the Salvation Army on our way to the wine store, and Donna found an animal (cat?) that might compete with Heather’s crazy pilgrim squirrels as creepy animal for the Thanksgiving table.

Later we went to Bodyworlds at The Tech. Bodyworlds was cool, but not quite as shocking as I thought it would be. I do wonder how belly-buttons are attached now though… Since it was my first time (gasp!) at the Tech, we also partook of the other exhibits. Here is our model, John, sporting the lovely drunk goggles:

While you’re wearing the drunk goggles you’re supposed to try to walk a straight tape line on the floor. The trick, at least at the Tech, is to walk about 1 1/2 feet to the right. Keep that in mind if you’re ever pulled over.

The night of the Tech visit we went to a wine-tasting party at Dave and Becky’s. Here’s a picture of them, though it’s not from the wine party. We were far too busy tasting and rating cabernets to bother with pictures.

Then, sadly, I had to leave. It was hard to leave, but a policeman on a Segway in the San Jose airport made it somewhat better. It’s hard to take a policeman seriously when he’s riding a scooter, especially one as silly as a Segway.

You’ll have to forgive the poor picture, but I thought it might look a wee bit suspect for me to be photographing law enforcement at the airport.

And that, my friends, was Thanksgiving 2007.



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Hey Bridget, glad you get babywearing. 🙂

  2. We’re so glad you were able to come out for a visit!Also, awesome picture of the policeman on the segway.

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