Evil Master Plan Committee Nominations

It looks like Ryan has decided to officially join the Evil Master Plan Committee. I’m going to go ahead and say that makes us co-chairs.

And I’m also going to take the liberty of creating a mission/vision statement:

The Midwest is Best: Get All Your Friends to Move Back Home!

Now it’s time to elect more committee members. Since Ang and Ryan and I are the only ones back home so far (that I know of), I nominate Ang. I know she has experience on nominating committees before, and I think she’ll do a great job.

Ryan, having passed the bar, can write our by-laws.

Anyone else want to join? All you have to do is move within 1 hour of me, Ryan, or Ang. Well, hopefully they’ll be in the same place. 🙂



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3 responses to “Evil Master Plan Committee Nominations

  1. sara p.

    i kinda wanna be a part of it, but i don’t get to choose where i want to live for another couple of years… can i be an honorary member? and as i mentioned on ang’s blog – start working on finding jeff a job there and i wouldn’t be surprised if we joined you… (but be aware – my brother in michigan is trying to get us to move that direction as well…)

  2. Hmm…I think that means we’ll have to start a nemesis committee, the “everyone should move to California comitte.” I’ll get the minions to start working on the master plan now…did I mention that it is sunny and 64 today? 🙂

  3. Sara….Well, sorry, buy you can’t join unless you move. We’ll work on Jeff.Brian…I have about two words for you, ones I won’t say online. Let’s just say the “real feel” for today was 4 degrees, and I am not happy.

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