This week has been nuts! In a good way! Awesome but crazy!

I’m done with the exclamation points, but seriously, that’s how I’ve felt all week. I’ve been LOVING the new job, with a few spots of overwhelmtion (my own word), but life has been moving about 150mph all week long. Of course then it’s been hard to sleep, but yeah, I’m starting to get on top of it all.

Here’s how much I like my job and feel like I’m accomplishing stuff–I don’t want to take a lunch break. If I could magically ingest food while still typing and doing my work, I totally would.

I’m even working at night and liking it. Mostly cause I’m working on my work blog…it’s fun.

Anyway, this is just SO different from teaching. The tasks maybe aren’t night and day different, but the feeling of it is. I can do this job, and do it well. Rock on.


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  1. That’s so cool, Bridget. I’m happy for you!

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