Just some stuff

1. I’m really excited about my new job! I drove past the office (aka cubicle) tonight, just for fun. I just realized last night that in doing this job I’m kind of living my idea of what should happen to drop outs.

Let me explain. I’ve always thought that it would be AWESOME if kids could drop out when they get attitudes and decide they don’t like or need school, say 7th or 8th grade-ish. But, the good part of the plan would be that when they get into the real world and realize education is essential, they could come back and finish their degree.

Well, the program I’ll be working for is kind of like that. Kids from 16-24 can do their GED, take ESL classes if necessary, and then do job training and get help being placed in a career. I feel like it’s something I can really be passionate about.

2. I have declared my loyalty:Though my vote in the primary will be almost completely symbolic since we don’t vote until JUNE!!!!, and I’m generally cynical about politicians, Obama has inspired me. I’ll have to get a picture of my “Got Hope?” t-shirt sometime too.

I also realize that the bumper stick taped in the back window is kind of ghetto, I just couldn’t permanently affix it to the bumper. What if Hillary wins and I’m driving around 2 years later with an Obama bumper sticker?

3. My cats Cow and Princess Pantaloons have started grooming one another, a good sign I think. Actually, right now it seems to be just Cow grooming Princess. I’m not sure there’s reciprocation. They still chase each other and occasionally hiss, but the grooming seems like a step forward.

4. This week I listened to interviews with Sarah Silverman and Steven Colbert on Fresh Air. The Sarah Silverman interview wasn’t outstanding, but kinda interesting, and the Steven Colbert interview made me laugh out loud in an office setting while wearing headphones. An interview with Shalom Auslander was really good, too, though I felt a little weird searching for his book title on the library catalog.

5. It’s getting friggin’ cold, and I’m a whimp. It’s California winter right now here in South Dakota, and I’m so not prepared. I need to go shopping for warmer clothes. And I don’t know what you do with the propane tank from your grill….does it stay outside? Do you cover it? (with a blanket?)

6. The lady I bought my house from is crazy. There was already evidence…she nailed the curtains to the wall with 3 inch nails, she remodeled the house but forgot to put a fan in the bathroom, etc. etc. Yesterday it was confirmed again.

Before I moved, my parents were watching the house for me. Twice my dad found packages here for the lady, from Neiman Marcus. The first time he brought it to her. The second time he brought it to her, and wrote her a letter to change her address with Neiman Marcus.

When I moved in, I assumed the issue was handled. Nope. So I got a package for her from Neiman Marcus. I called FedEx, and they came and got it. I then called Neiman Marcus, and they said they would fix it. I joked with the lady that if it happened again, I was keeping whatever was inside.

This week I got another one, the 4th package from Neiman Marcus. I was so frustrated that this wasn’t being fixed, and she was being such a flake. And after 4 of exactly the same box, with her apparently not caring if she got them, I decided to open this one. I was definitely considering keeping the contents. So I opened it up, and found 2 facial moisturizers, one night and one day. I was curious what she was actually buying, so I looked them up online. They were worth…..$300 a piece!!!! She had been buying $600 worth of skin care lotion, and not paying attention to whether she received it or not!

So had I kept all four packages, I would be $2,400 rich in skin moisturizer. Alas, my guilt kicked in, and I called Neiman Marcus again. For the 2nd time. And finally they say it’s worked out. We’ll see. If it’s not, my mom is getting some damn fine moisturizer for Christmas.


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