I feel bad for South Dakota’s image

Since I left teaching, I decided it’s probably time to rollover my retirement account. So I got on the phone tonight, and actually got to talk to a real person, and one who actually knew what he was talking about.

I was a little nervous because I’m not so good at the financial stuff, but the whole process was pretty professional. He even asked me multiple choice questions to verify my identity (which of the following counties have you lived in?).

Then, after I asked for some forms I need, I realized I hadn’t changed my address from CA. So I asked him if I could do that. Sure, he says. I tell him my new address, and he says “Uh, can I ask you….one question?” I was hoping it was another verifying my identity questions, but I had a hunch it was something else.

You got it. He asked me “Why in the world would you move from California to South Dakota?”

Poor, poor South Dakota, always such a bad image…


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