Today’s interview went well, I think. It’s always hard for me to tell. One thing it definitely was was intimidating. Having only interviewed for teaching jobs before, I was already more nervous than usual. The whole process was more than I expected.

First, I had the actual interview with 7 people. They had a 2-sided piece of paper with questions for me. Although it was nice to have a printed sheet of what they were asking, I wasn’t expecting it.

Then, I was given a tour of the place by a receptionist. Before the tour had begun, one of the interviewers informed me I would write a press release after the tour, just to see how I would do. It would be about me being appointed to the position. So we did the tour, and the receptionist dropped me off in the computer lab.

I sad down and cursed the fact I didn’t really know the format of a press release…if I had time to prepare I could’ve at least analyzed a few. So, I did what anyone would do…I googled it. I’m not sure if that was not something I was supposed to do, but they left me totally alone with a computer…I was guessing part of that was to see how I would manage a computer task without any help. So I quickly glanced over a few online, and spit out a press release about my hire. It was weird.

Finally, I met with an HR specialist to discuss benefits and salary. Apparently this would be a union position, something I’ve never had before. Interesting.

Overall, a very different interview from what I’m used to. Kind of fun, kind of scary. I’m not sure what will come of it.



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2 responses to “Interview

  1. Anonymous

    hey bridget,seven interviewers! that’s just rude. the most i’ve ever had was four and i thought that that was just plain rude for a first interview. i bet you did great.john

  2. Tricia S

    Hey Bridget- I also recently had a scary interview experience. The first interview was with one guy and went great so he asked me to come back for another. I figured it would be even easier compared to the first one but I was slammed with 4 male, mid-fifties interviewers, meeting the entire staff, and a nearly two hour question and answer portion. It was so overwhelming all I could think about was getting it over with as soon as possible. Anyway, good luck…

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