Keeping Busy

If there is one question I’m tired of, it’s “So, what are you doing in Sioux Falls?” I know everyone means well, but it sucks to have to say “Um, I’m not sure yet…”

So yes, I’m still filling out applications and searching for jobs. I think substitute teaching will start soon too, so that’ll keep me busy. In the meantime, I’ve found plenty of things to do and organize around the house. Here’s visually what I’ve been up to:

Finding a chandelier to replace…

the fan I can’t stand.

Picking out “Paradise” and “Dancing Green” to replace the mint and fuschia fiasco.
Organizing my bookshelf by color (inspired by John)

Polishing up a Goodwill $3 lamp (again, inspired by John)

Hanging out at my new patio set.

Finding a sweet green shade on clearance to go with my Goodwill lamp.

Hanging a new cellular shade in my bedroom. The crazy broad who lived here before had a hideous green and pink striped number up there. If you look closely you can see that I couldn’t get down the board the old curtain was attached to….she probably super glued it or something.
I picked out and put up house numbers (inspired by the UPS and pizza guys).

I painted the…house decoration? that was left on my house.

More painting of house decorations, and choosing and having my brother install the blinds in the front door and window

Things that didn’t make the photos were changing the door hardware to match, furniture shopping (lots, but no buying) and wrangling a beeping smoke alarm battery off of the 14 foot ceiling at 12am with the assistance of a 6′ ladder, a skylight opening pole, and a coat hanger.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.



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3 responses to “Keeping Busy

  1. sara p.

    if you complete your list of household chores, we’ve got a few things at our house you could work on next… i’m very impressed with your industriousness! 🙂by the way – i like the color-based book organization… it definitely beats the look of my topical organization…

  2. You are keeping very busy!

  3. Wow! You have not been sitting around!

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