Sioux Center Burning

So yesterday I was minding my own business, looking at an armoire in a furniture store in Sioux Center. The lady who was helping me was walking toward the front of the store to look up a price when she said “Oh my gosh, something is burning!”

I didn’t quite believe her, but then I heard some explosions. Indeed, something was burning.

It turns out a tanker with ethanol started on fire, causing a series of explosions. As you can see from the picture, it was also dangerously close to other containers full of fuels.

It turns out the story even made national headlines, at least in a Fox News Story.



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3 responses to “Sioux Center Burning

  1. That is crazy. I was making my lunch today when all the sudden I hear a local news announcer say, “An explosion occurred in Sioux Center, IA…” by the time I got to the TV to hear about it they were on to the next story. So where was it? And is everyone okay?

  2. It was behind the Coop and the mall-near the railroad tracks. They’re saying 1 person was injured, but they’re not releasing details. We did see an air ambulance, so I’m guessing it’s not good.

  3. My mom said she was only a block away when it happened–at Floral Expressions. She just ran out of there and watched Fareway workers rushing out too. I think my mom said that the one injured person was air lifted to Omaha for burns, but I could have those details wrong. Scary.

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