The End of Harry Potter and More Thoughts on Church

First, more thoughts on church. The thing I like best about a good Reformed church service is the words. I went back to Covenant this morning, on my way to Talan’s first birthday party. I’m not sure how to describe what I mean by “the words,” but it’s not that mushy, romantic idea about poetic language. It’s more about weight and gravity.

Anyway. I’m going to write about the ending of Harry Potter now, so if you’re going to read it and don’t want the ending spoiled, quit reading this and go finish the book.

I absolutely loved the ending. I’m the type of person who usually really wants to know the end of a movie or a book before I start, but I had a feeling there would be some surprise to it, so I didn’t want to know. I did sort of dread having to wait 700 some pages to know, but it was a quick read.

Okay, the verdict…I LOVED the ending. In my head I kept thinking there were two possible endings…good triumphing over evil with Harry killing Voldemort, or good winning, but at the loss of Harry Potter’s life. What a splendid world of magic when you can have both at once! I loved how she decided that it would be cheap for Harry just to win, or to kill Voldemort without having to give of himself. I think it was a great way for good to triumph.


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