Princess Pantaloons

So I may have come up with a cat name–Princess Pantaloons. For short, maybe Princess Pants. I found it on some cat name list, and the explanation was because the cat was too big for her britches. It seems appropriate. Somehow, perhaps by karma, I got a cat who is pushy, demanding, and generally will tell you exactly what she wants and when.

You don’t just pet my cat, she actually uses her nose and arms to manipulate your arm/hand where she wants it. Sheesh.

Like right now, when she’s licking the corner of my computer, and pushing my fingers off of the keyboard.

In other news, the job has been a roller coaster. After 7 days on the job, I finally have work to do. It’s been a very frustrating week, and this morning I was ready and intending to hand in my resignation. After telling my boss that, suddenly work appeared for me to do. So we’ll see…

In general, moving to Sioux Falls has been…interesting. It’s been a bit lonely, but it’s been great to see the babies. So here are some general things I’ve noticed:

  • People here are fatter and worse-dressed than in CA. In particular, there are TONS more mom jeans. It has inspired me to wear shorts for the first time in many years. It just seems right.
  • People my age here generally have 2-3 children.
  • The lunch discussion at work has so far centered around weddings, showers, anniversaries, and how one should, ought to, must, go about planning and hosting these events.
  • I have a neighbor who was made slightly crazy by being in Vietnam, and he walks up and down the street talking to himself. Sometimes he stands on his porch and talks to himself. Slightly creepy, but also sad.
  • Kids here actually have lemonade stands. They wave at you as you drive by, whether or not you stop.
  • The bank people are super-friendly.
  • You are expected to say “hi!” to people at work when you pass each other in the hall, regardless of how many times you have previously greeted them. The same applies for the parking lot, lunchroom, and even the bathroom. I’m still learning this.
  • Almonds cost $10/pound. Yikes!
  • If you buy 8 bottles of wine at the grocery story, you must be having a party. The clerks will comment on each and every bottle past #2. If you buy tonic water, the bag boy will look at you and tell you he doesn’t even know what it is.
  • Every time I have told someone I moved from CA, they have said “Really? Why?”
  • People drive like snails
  • A true sign of summer here is that when I went for a ride on the bike trail a few nights ago, I received bugs in the eye and the mouth.

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