You decide

I am typing this post 1 letter at a time, as the cat is sleeping on my right arm. It’s really quite cute–she pushes my arm with her head until it’s under her head like a pillow, then puts her other arm over it, to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

Since she seems to ba appearing regularly lately, I think it is time to name her. Check out the pictures and tell me which you think suits her best, or suggest your own.

1. Quiddie

2. Ekaterina Alexandrovna Shcherbatskaya (“Kitty”)

3. Sassafras

4. Owl

5. Zora Neale (as in Zora Neale Hurston)

6. Countess Katenka



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3 responses to “You decide

  1. Mr. John-John

    helloooo! Holy Sassafras, How dare you steal the name (or middle name) of my future first born or last born, depending, of course, on my mood.But I suppose if you really like it I’ll remove the copyright. So, I guess you should name it Sassafras. That’s my vote!

  2. Huh! My suggestions didn’t even make the list! Fine then.I’ll go with Zora Neale, since you hate my ideas. But you probably won’t even count my vote!😛

  3. Ruth–I’m sorry, but I don’t even remember your ideas! Forgive me, this week (and last) has been hectic with a new job, new cat, new house, etc.I’ll look back at your suggestions. 🙂

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