The Glorious Appearing

Today was the day of two momentous occasions. First, it was my first day of work. I’m working for an educational publisher doing Language Arts curriculum design. Probably more curriculum revision, they said today. I’m working near my old high school English teacher, which is a little strange. Also, they did not have any actual work for me today. Sounds great, right? It was actually really boring. I can review their current curriculum, but 8 hours was a lot…

The other, more interesting event was the cat appeared. She came out from behind the fridge when I stuck my hand back there, and she has just come up from the basement (on her own) for the first time. She’s currently making very slow laps around the house, sniffing generously.

Here are some better pics. from today:



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7 responses to “The Glorious Appearing

  1. Wow – she looks more like a tortoiseshell than a calico, from the photos. We had a tortoiseshell. She was named Rusty Bucket. We called her Rusty. It wasn’t a great name. Then we got a mean persian mix (whom I named Spud – just plain old “Spud”) and he tormented her until one day, a couple years later, she died. Perhaps of coincidental cancer, but it seemed of a broken spirit. I do not have a name for your cat in mind. How about Miss Lulu Bojangles? Wow, that’s a bad name. That is how good I am at pet naming. This is why our cat ended up with the name “Baggy.”

  2. What’s the difference between a tortoiseshell and a calico?

  3. Bridget, since she is a calico cat, and since you live in a little house on the prairie, I suggest Laura. Or perhaps Nellie.

  4. Usually calicos have what they call “piebalding,” which are white patches with no pigment at all because of a genetic condition. Your cat definitely has a white patch on her face, so that’s probably enough to be a calico. I just always think of cats with the rich mottled black and orange as tortoiseshell because of Rusty.

  5. Oh – her paws are white too! I missed that. Maybe you could call her Socks. Hmm. Not too original. How about Princess White Paw? Ehh – no. Too bad she isn’t streaky because then you could call her The White Stripes.

  6. Hey, I found this: calicos are genetic variants of tortoiseshell cats. You learn something new every day.

  7. Hey Bridget – can you send me your email at🙂

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