I lost my cat

Today my mom helped me pick out a cat at the Humane Society. I got a beautiful, green-eyed calico girl named Kallie. Or maybe Callie…I don’t remember.

Anyway, we took her home and set her up with all her stuff in the basement. We played with her, watched her explore everything, then left her to get acquainted while we went for dinner. My dad came to pick us up, and we wanted to show the cat to him. I went downstairs, and she was gone…couldn’t be found anywhere. We looked in crawl spaces, above the bomb shelter, behind boxes, in cupboards. We went to dinner, thinking we’d find her when we came back. We went through the same routine–got the flashlights out and checked the crawl space and all the other places she might hide.

She’s not there. Or, at least, she’s not coming out. I would guess the Humane Society frowns on owners who lose their cats on the first night. I just hope I find her tomorrow…


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