What the f***???

So I have this wall of cupboards in my kitchen which reach almost to the ceiling. I was up on a stepstool today, putting a few things in the top cupboard, and I found this little black zippered pouch.

I thought maybe it was a tool kit, but it was shaped like half a heart.

I got down off the stepstool, unzipped the black pouch, and my stomach fell to the floor. Here’s the face I made:

Now what, you ask, might make me make this face?

Here is the answer, the object I found left in a cupboard in my kitchen:

That’s right, it’s a friggin’ handgun. So many questions…Whose was it? I’m assuming the lady who owned the house before me. Did she have it to protect herself? Would she quickly jump up on a stepstool, get the gun down, and load it when there was an intruder?

And, most importantly–How do you leave your gun in a kitchen cupboard???

This is definitely the strangest thing I’ve ever found while moving.



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5 responses to “What the f***???

  1. Becky

    Bridget,that’s awesome! You didn’t even have to apply for a permit. You are a proud owner of a handgun.

  2. Oh my! That is hilarious…and now you feel safe right?:)

  3. I just checked, and apparently here you don’t have to register your gun, or get a permit to have one. Hmm…..

  4. Oh no! What will get you for Christmas now, this is exactly what we had in mind!

  5. Be careful. Those Saturday Night Specials will explode right in your hand no matter how good your aim is.

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