all is new

Today is the day I move into my new house. I made it home, safe and sound, after 26 1/2 hours in the car. 1 novel finished, Middlesex. Quite good, though not my favorite ever. I’ll be interested to hear what Oprah has to say about it.

So far, no loving on the babies yet. Crazy relatives have started to call and ask about my new home. I have a new phone number. If you didn’t ge the e-mail, e-mail me. I shall post pictures of everything later, post chaos. The sad thing? Another day of no internet…makes me feel closed in, like I’m in one of the sod huts people used to live in on the prairie. Or maybe that’s the move in general…not sure yet.

Updates to come.



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4 responses to “all is new

  1. Glad you made it! Hope you have some fun moving in and getting settled.

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  3. Yeah! We are excited that you made it safely. I look forward to seeing lots of pictures!

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t know how that Ingalls family survived without internet! 😉Seriously, I know what you mean. Ours isn’t working at home right now and I am forced to rush over to school to get my fix.Ruth

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