Some random bits tonight.

I checked out of school today. It felt a lot more final to hand in my keys than it did when the kids left yesterday. I hugged everyone goodbye, and only felt my lip quivering once, while saying goodbye to someone who probably never cries.

I also went to the grocery store and got in front of the most obnoxious man in the checkout line. He looked over my groceries, and actually touched them. He was first making small talk, then touched my shoulder and asked me to save his place in line. I was hoping the checker would be fast, but no. He came back, and actually commented about my groceries. He had something to say about everything I was buying, and what it might say about me. I just smiled, and said nothing.

A few days ago I called to have a utility shut off, and the guy was checking something, and asked if it was Holly with an “i” or an “e.” Uh? Y.

The best middle school boy conversation I overheard yesterday went like this. There were three middle school boys standing around, and one said “So, are you going to play ponies this summer?” Another said “Yeah, if my mom lets me.” Hilarious. I acted shocked and said “Oh my gosh, are you guys really playing with ponies this summer?” And of course, they were referring to ponies baseball.

And just now I called for pizza and the guy told me my pizza would be ready in 19 minutes. I had to ask twice, just so I could hear him say again that it would be ready in 19 minutes. 19? Almost as strange as Holly with an “i” or an “e.”


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  1. Anonymous

    i will miss your junior high kid stories… they’ve been highly entertaining…sara p.

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