I am officially done teaching. Today was our last day of school, topped off with the annual skating party. I thought I might feel more joyous after school, but it wasn’t the jumping up and down kind of happy, just a lot more calm. That was probably in part because the middle schoolers were all crying and carrying on about leaving one another.

I also hope this means more sleep. I looked back on my blog from last year at this time, and I was also not sleeping then. Although it always takes me a long time to get to sleep, a half hour at least, this week my mind has been thinking things out long after I want to go to sleep. Someone asked me last week where I think about stuff, and I’ve decided it’s while I’m lying in bed, trying to sleep. It seems to be involuntary–I can’t sleep until everything’s worked out.

So tonight is a celebration of being done with school. It will be celebrated by going out for gyros with friends, and a bottle of my favorite pinot grigio. As I have declared, let it be so.
Perhaps the pinot grigio will inspire packing!


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