adios, citibank!

Days left as a teacher: 3, including 1 workday. Amen.

And, I have a job! I think…

It all started in Feb. when I sent a resume to a company for a position I really wanted. It was via a friend of a friend, and I never heard anything, despite follow up. So, I thought hope was lost there.

Then they posted a less desirable position on the internet, and I was feeling desperate. I submitted my resume, and got an interview. During the interview I mentioned the other job, and lo and behold, I’m getting it.

At least I think so. There has been an informal, e-mail offer. I’m waiting to get something in writing, but it looks like I’ll either be a curriculum designer/online teacher, or a full-time curriculum designer. Now, to choose a cat.



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4 responses to “adios, citibank!

  1. Yay! Congratulations!

  2. Hooray! That’s great!

  3. Congratulations!! Can we visit you at your new home?

  4. Thanks! Ya’ll are welcome to come and visit the new homestead. I should be settled in within the next few weeks. Panda mentioned Jas, that you might be coming in Aug. whoo-hoo!

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