Tomorrow the beach weekend with my friends begins, and I’m so excited! And I’m taking my personal day tomorrow, so that means no school for me. I’m co-chair of snacks for this weekend, so I’ve been baking. Somehow my baking never looks as good as other people’s, but hey, it’s an effort. Oh, and trying to find pajamas that are appropriate to wear around other people. Eek.
This weekend I’m looking forward to:

  • Playing Wii with everyone. They all have “surprise” Miis waiting for them.
  • Wearing a hooded sweatshirt at the beach. I don’t know why, but I only like wearing them near water and outside.
  • Donna’s cooking and John’s drink making. If they had a Food Network show, it would kick ass.


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3 responses to “Beach!Beach!Beach!

  1. If our baby cries the entire night that we are there, please do not blog about it. Something like that etched into the eternal record of “cyberspace” could tear down her entire future potential career in politics.

  2. The 7 layer bars were fantastic! Darn- we didn’t get in any scrabble….we’ll have to do that soon 😉

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