This is so seventh grade:

We’ve been doing a unit on film in my 7th grade class, and we’ve spent the last few days doing a problem-solving activity on film piracy. Today the kids were working on their presentations, in which they’re supposed to explain the best solution they came up with, and how it would work.

So I’m walking by a group, and I hear the kids discussing the death penalty. One of the kids who most challenges my patience had some insight to share. Watch the 7th grade logic here, folks.

Me: Um, so what does the death penalty have to do with piracy?
Him: If you do piracy, you should get the death penalty.
Me: Remember, the first thing you have to check is if your solution is realistic.
Him: Yeah, it is. It would stop piracy.
Me: Okay. The death penalty is not realistic.
Him: Why not?
Me: Because, in the US crimes like piracy are not punished by the death penalty. Something like that does not warrant the death penalty, if any crime does.
Him: Yeah, but in Asia they kill you for smoking.
Me: They kill you for smoking?
Him: Yeah, you can get the death penalty.
Me: (While giving teacher look) Do you live in Asia?
Him: No…
Me: Okay, then you cannot use the death penalty.

Sometimes, as a teacher, you must revert to 7th grade logic to be heard. 🙂


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  1. 🙂 I find myself reverting to 7th grade logic all the time.

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