Time is a strange these last few weeks in California. As far as school goes, it can’t go fast enough. Our seventh grade boys have this genetic predisposition to constantly touch one another. It might be shoving, pushing, tapping, slapping, bumping, or any other verb that involves one person touching another. It seems like something small, but it’s been really irritating. I am looking forward to the all school skating party the last day though.

Time is also moving slowly when it comes to the job hunt. I am trying desperately to be patient. It’s actually been going quite well the last few weeks with a great interview and a few more possibilities opening up. Nothing definite yet, but some options. It’s just hard to wait.

And time is moving very quickly when it comes to spending time with friends. I can’t believe I’m leaving all these amazing people in less than a month. I will definitely be back to visit soon.


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  1. My seventh grade boys do the same things and I find them equally irritating. Yesterday, during Silent Reading, someone tied someone else’s shoelaces together. Of course the “victim” got up and hopped across the room, making everyone else lose their concentration too. I took a pair of scissors and went over and chopped them apart, while everyone howled and groaned.

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