Leaving California will be hard, but lately I’ve been getting excited about the big move. Lots of changes have been going on around my house, which I’ve only seen through pictures.

One of the big changes is that my parents moved the piano I practiced on for years up to my house. I’m still amazed that they’re giving it to me, and I’m so excited to be able to play it again. The viola is fun, but playing songs like “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie” isn’t as exciting as playing more complicated songs on the piano.

I’ve also been checking out the cats that are available from the humane society. Tonight I found a pair of Persians named Laverne and Shirley who are already “fixed” and declawed. This is a picture of Laverne. Ever since I saw Amanda’s Persian cat shaved like a lion, I’ve been intrigued by them. I just read though that they have a tendency to want to skip the litter box…maybe not exactly what I’m looking for.

I’m also reconsidering cat names. I’ve had a short list for a while: Mr. Kittyhead, Gladys, and then an old professor’s name: Kathi Bailey. But, I’m open to new possibilities. I also haven’t decided if I’ll get 1 cat or 2. It looks like I likely won’t be having a job where I travel, so maybe my cat won’t need another cat to be entertained. 2 cats also may be inching toward crazy cat lady a little sooner than I’d like.



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  1. Anonymous

    that piano makes me think i may be coming to live with you sometime soon… beats the out of tune piece of junk in my house! 🙂sara p.

  2. You’re welcome any time. I can’t promise this one is any more in tune though–it’s probably been 15 years since its last tuning. 🙂

  3. Wow, I’m drooling over that piano.

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