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  1. Hey Bridget, are you really done, as in, school is out? Or are you just done, as in, that’s it, I’ve had it?If it’s the second, I totally understand. And if it’s the first….what? Already?!!

  2. It’s the second. Done as in I have been finished by school. Unfortunately, there are 2 and a half weeks left.And any more 7th grade girl eye rolling just may push me over the edge.

  3. LOL, as the 7th graders would say. 🙂I have today off but I am spending it working. I got ready for next week at school, and now I’m back home grading and grading and grading.

  4. Yes, Chef, it has. I am savoring the discontent so that I remember never to take a middle school teaching job again. 🙂

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