Rory is coming to Iowa!

Last night was the very last episode of the Gilmore Girls. Sad, sad, sad….



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4 responses to “Rory is coming to Iowa!

  1. I may have shed a tear or two at the end. So sad, yet so glad to not have to suffer through such bad writing anymore just because I was devoted to the characters…

  2. It was sad. I am glad though that the writers managed to keep the finale focused on the mother daugther relationship…and that Logan was out of the picture:). But I also remember the creator of Gilmore Girls saying that she knew from the first episode what the final line of the show would be….and since she left the show a couple of years ago it will bug me not knowing how she would have ended it.

  3. I share your pain. But I agree with you, Triciac. The writing was poor the last while, but I loved the girls so much…I just felt let down by the ending. Too formulaic, and I really wanted Rory to get together with Logan. They’d have smart babies.

  4. I was looking forward to the last episode and taped it. But the reception was so bad (even though I fixed it before it started taping) that I can’t even hear what they’re saying most of the time. I may just shed a tear over that!

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