More Baby Photos!

Yes, I am biased, but these are some of the cutest babies ever.

The trip home was generally uneventful, though Noah did find this seatbelt extender, and as a generally resourceful man, he fashioned Talan a belt. It reminds me of one of those handyman type belts that should have tools and things attached. The flight attendant, surprisingly, was not pleased.

We also found out that Talan loves the water, which pleases Noah greatly. Noah took him in the hot tub, which was really a luke warm tub, and Talan learned how to splash water.

This is me, Blaine, and Tracy, my uncle and aunt’s sheltie. Blaine has that about to cry look on his face not because I’m holding him, but because he really detests being held. Ever. He’s a kid who loves to run. In the airport he ran down at least 6 people movers. In our hotel he did at least 2 laps of the building before bed. I can see the teachers grimacing already.

He is also fearless, as you can see. He had no problem at all sticking his hands right in Tracy’s mouth.


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