More on MSP

The trip to Minneapolis was great. You can see that Angela is pregnant if you check out her blog. It was fun to see that. And their cat was weird. It loved me, but it insisted on licking my fingers and eventually chewing on my fingernails. Some sort of strange grooming thing I suppose.

We did many fun activities. Friday night we rented The Black Dahlia, a slightly confusing movie. I kept waiting for the ScoobyDoo moment when it was all explained. Saturday we went to Ikea* for fun, and I tried to convince Angela that the new baby should have a stuffed rat. Saturday night was baked potato pizza at Pizza Luce, and Sunday we had dinner with a bunch of Dordt people. Sunday night we went to a lecture by Nicholas Wolterstorff on the love of God and the desire for learning. It was really good. People did ask asinine questions, but I guess that’s to be expected in a public forum. Also to be expected at a Midwestern church function? Yummy bars.

The picture is from the new Guthrie Theater. We’re standing outside the endless bridge, which Ryan insisted was a skyway during the icy walk to the theater.

Oh, and yes, CA people, it was cold. You may not be able to tell it from the picture, but it was fuh-reezing. And windy. One lesson learned–cats are good for warmth, if you can get them to quit licking your hands.

*Ryan may not have initially thought Ikea was among the fun activities, but he was a great sport. And we have similar shopping habits, so that’s a good thing.


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