How Long Would You Fester?

I think I’ve been watching too much Six Feet Under lately because I’ve been thinking about the possible ways I could die. Not really in a morbid, sad sort of way, but more in a practical preventative way. Like if I know about the ways (electrocution, choking, etc.), I might be able to prevent it.

This week I watched an episode where a woman, Emily Previn, chokes and dies alone in her home. She lays there, decaying while covered in ants and other small creatures, for nearly a week before someone finds her. She has no family, no friends, and no one who notices she’s gone.

I was discussing with friends last night how long it would take to be found. I’m fairly confident I would be found in 2-3 days, hopefully before the skin starts to just slide off my body. I think that my school would sound the alarm, and my friends would jump in and check it out. But, you have to wonder, how long would you fester before someone would check it out?


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