The News

It’s official. I suppose it has always been official, but until today I’ve been trying to keep it quiet. Okay…the news is…I’m pregnant.

Just kidding. Though that would have been an interesting message to deliver to my school today, the one that I really told them is that I’m moving to Sioux Falls.

Wow, it’s weird to write that. I’ve been keeping it quiet (quietish?) until now so that my school wouldn’t find out through the grapevine, but now that they know, it’s out. And I definitely have mixed feelings. I’ll miss the Bay Area greatly, along with my friends and my church. But, being close to my family, owning a home, and finding a new job are also exciting.

So yeah. I’m pregnant and I’m moving to Sioux Falls.



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6 responses to “The News

  1. We all know you are just trying to escape babysitting duty. Sigh. I don’t blame you. I hear it’s even worse than jury duty.

  2. Hey, Bridget, when are you moving? At the end of the school year?

  3. i will begin knitting booties.

  4. Wow, so many comments!

    Chef–I think I’ll be around for a few months of babysitting duty…just no dirty diapers, ok?

    Ruth–I’ll be moving in the middle of June. As much as some days make me want to leave right now, I’m not leaving in the middle of the school year.

    Ang and Dave–Thanks!

  5. I was just thinking about you the other day. About the fact that this summer you mentioned that you had a bought a house in S.F. I picturing the house all lonely and empty. I’m glad you’ll be moving into it soon.

    Since you’ll be in the area again this summer, your welcome to be a trophy girl again :).

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