My Civic Duty

This is the first time in my 9 years of being a legally-registered voter that I have been assigned jury duty. I’m more than happy to do my civic duty, but I have to say that being a teacher on jury duty sucks. Each night I can check directions for the next day, but not until after 5pm. That means that before I leave school I have to have a plan in place in case I won’t be there the next day–extra “emergency” plans in case the sub. can’t actually teach English, etc. Probably an extra 1/2-1 hour of work each day. Then, when I check the website, I may have to call back between 11am-12 the next day, during the school day. If I get called in, I may have to quick whip up some plans for a sub for that same afternoon. Oh, and I have to call the poor woman who arranges subs every night to let her know my status. Friday we’re going on a field trip and I have to arrange extra drivers in case I’m stuck in a court room instead of ice-skating. What a lot of work!


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