Most of you posted about your Thanksgivings a while ago now. It took me a while to process mine. I had many, many things to be thankful for. My eagle nephew wore an outfit with a bowtie for a picture, and his cheeks are so big they hung down and covered the bowtie. I also got to pick out a Christmas tree with Ang and her little cousins (or were they nieces and nephews?) and unborn baby KV. The little people in her family all wanted to take home part of the stump of the Christmas tree, which was cute.

I also had friends and family to be thankful for. Without getting into too much grotesque (and that word SO applies to my family) detail, there was much strife. I was thankful to fly back home and leave it all after the few days I was there.

Usually, I like airports because they’re an emotional no man’s land. While I’m there I don’t feel attached to either where I’m going or where I came from, or anyone in the airport for that matter. It’s nice. Until this trip. If you’re familiar with the Minneapolis airport, there are what seem like miles-long stretches of moving walkways, particularly between concourses A and C. I was walking down one, enjoying anonymity, trying to figure out what had gone on while I was home when my senses were assaulted by figures in green velvet. I have never seen it before, and never since, but it was a group of Christmas carolers, riding the moving walkway in the opposite direction. There was no where to go, and nothing to do but look at them, with their smiling, singing faces as they rode by. They made me angry.

So, the good and bad, I guess that’s Thanksgiving. Or maybe just the facts of life…the facts of life. you take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life.


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