The happenings

So one of the little munchkins gave me a present last week–cold germs. Getting sick on a Friday afternoon is just about as disappointing as getting an oatmeal raisin cookie when you’re expecting peanut butter chocolate chip.

I was just pissed off enough about being sick to still go to Donna’s Sat. night for dinner. Calling it “dinner” at Donna’s house just somehow seems inadequate…it’s really more of an event…an affair, perhaps. Yummy, whatever you call it.

So I went out, giving the sickness the middle finger, and then felt worse on Sunday. Silly me. So I decided to stay home from school today. One of the sucky things about being a teacher is that being sick is more work than being at school. So I spent time yesterday working on sub plans, and then decided at noon today that it was just better to go in and make sure things got done right.

Anyway, boring what’s going on kind of stuff. And, the most exciting news of all–check out Angela’s blog!


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  1. I’m glad you came over on Saturday- I hope you’re feeling better!

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