You’re joking, right?

Today in class one of my eighth grade students had one of those dollar coins with Sacajawea on it. Appearantly, she’s not big with eighth-graders. Here’s how our conversation went:

Student 1: Hey, Ms. D, who is the woman with the baby?
Me: Uh, you mean Sacajawea?
S1: Yeah, the lady with the baby.
S2: Wait, isn’t she the first woman to vote?
Me: NO! She was not the first woman to vote.
S3: (Laughing) Ha! The first woman to vote…duh, Sacajawea was the lady who wouldn’t get out of the back of the bus.
Me: (while banging my head on the chalkboard) Okay. First, Sacajawea is not the lady on the back of the bus, and second, Rosa Parks did not sit in the BACK of the bus.

Then, after school one of the kids was asking about my Halloween costume. I said it’s a character from the Scarlett Letter, and she asked “Oh, is that a Nancy Drew book?”




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4 responses to “You’re joking, right?

  1. Well, anyway, it’s a good laugh for me. It’s nice to hear about something different than budget comparisons, orientaion for new staff and tree cones.

  2. Yeah, tree cones. Sounds a little freaky, but they are plastic cones used for growing new trees.

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