The camping is over for another year! Yea!

It actually wasn’t that bad. The worst part was sleeping on a barely there mattress thrown over a hunk of wood. The cool night air was actually nice. I told the kids I think there is nothing better than being cozy warm in bed with the air all cool around you. I also let them know they are the only people I go camping for, and only once a year.

In terms of the actual activities of the trip, the zip line and “flying squirrel” were the most fun. I was nervous about both because I’m afraid of heights, but I couldn’t not do them in front of the kids. The flying squirrel is this cable that’s attached to a pulley high in the trees. A person is harnessed to the cable on one end, and a bunch of people pull the cable on the other end to hoist the person high in the air. The kids decided to run super fast so that I shot up into the air very quickly. Well done, 7th graders.

I also learned “what’s going on” in the 7th grade. My cabin wanted to talk about….what else? The boys. They were shocked to learn that I have some vague ideas of what goes on their social lives. They went around the next day saying “Watch out…Miss D knows everything about us.” Rock on.


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