We’re going camping now, we’re on our way…

Does anyone remember that song from Psalty? The big blue songbook and the kids go on a camping trip…there’s a little girl who gets lost from the group and sings “I cast all my cares upon you.”

Well, I’m going camping. Not exactly by my choice, but rather with my middle schoolers. This weekend is our “spiritual retreat.” I did not name it that. Last year we California camped, in cabins with bathrooms and electricity. This year it’s tent cabins for us…cabins sans real doors and windows, only canvas coverings. Have I mentioned I don’t really love nature?

I love walking around in nature. Looking at bugs, trees, and caves even. Hiking? Nope. Going to the bathroom far away from where I’m sleeping? Nope. And if I’m going to go without electricity I want it to be somewhere tropical.

So I’m curious to see how this all will go. If it gets awful I’ll teach the kids the Psalty songs and make them sing. Somehow I don’t think they’ll get the humor in it though. This class is strange that way. My colleague Becky and I have talked about it, and they just don’t “get us.” The other day I was telling a story about getting sick on a plane, and at a part where kids usually laugh, they didn’t. So I said “Wow, you guys never smile or laugh, what’s up?”

And one kid raised his hand, and with a straight face said “Miss De? We don’t think puke is funny.”

Okay then…

Today the same kid was fishing a “cool bottle” out from behind the neighbor’s fence, bordering the playground. It turned out to be a Bombay Sapphire bottle, though I didn’t share that with him. I asked the rest of the kids if they were putting anything OVER the fence, since the neighbors often call the school and complain. They said no….and looked guilty. I asked again, and one kid said:

“Um, well, just some poo.”
Me: What? Poo? You threw poo over the fence?
Another kid: No, we didn’t throw it. He had a pretzel and he dipped it in and threw it over

Well, now that’s much better, isn’t it?



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3 responses to “We’re going camping now, we’re on our way…

  1. I totally remember that psalty saga. I believe it was Kids Praise 5. Every year in grade school we would put on an operetta, and when I was in 6th grade it was that Psalty, and I was the little girl who got lost in the forest with her big brother and sang, “I cast all my cares upon you”.
    Ah, the memories.

  2. I totally remember that song too. I think we did it for church when I was super little. Fun, Fun!

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