I’ve wanted to see the movie Hardcore for a long time, but for one reason or another never got to it. When I was in college I saw the writer/director, Paul Schrader, speak at a Faith and Writing Conference. He was interesting to listen to because he was born into the CRC in Grand Rapids, and ended up leaving.

In the movie, Jake Van Dorn is looking for his daughter who has run away from a Young Calvinist convention to work in the porn industry. Along the way he meets a stripper who helps him look for his daughter. A lot happens, but what I really thought was funny/poignant/interesting was this: Jake and the girl are sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight. They start discussing beliefs, and he explains TULIP (major tenets of Calvinism) to her. Her reaction? No wonder you’re so fucked up. Brilliant.



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  1. While I’ll grant you that tulip would basically seem to be an affront to I Cor. 3:19, I think I’m still missing the brilliant part.

    But hey, great to see you the other night! You have a strong constitution to be able to sit in front of that racing screen for so long without chucking. I’m very impressed. Also, I cannot believe my luck in being in a room full of people who do not seem to like seafood. I ate at least half the plate of Becky’s shrimp!

  2. sara p.

    have you read “calvinism in a las vegas airport” by richard mouw? it begins with this scene… good review on TULIP and finding a better way to communicate these ideas to the world around us…

  3. I just think it’s a brilliant response to the character of Jake, Chef. He thinks he’s being all theological and enlightening her, and she just thinks he’s messed up. We may see it differently. And thanks for the props on the racing game. I usually suck at video games, but I am definitely competitive.

    And Sara, I haven’t read it yet. I saw you reading it at your house, but our library, despite being one of the largest in the nation, doesn’t have it. 😦

    Maybe someday…

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