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I feel like I’ve been gone forever, but I guess it’s only a few days. It feels like more because this place is so different than where I came from. Yesterday a neighbor lady was talking about somebody’s farm operation, and she was telling my mom who worked there. She said “They’ve got a De Jong, a Groeneweg, and a Mexican.”

I’ve mostly been relaxing at the lakes with the family. I can’t say we’ve really done a whole lot. We spent some time out on the boat, laid out on the dock, and ate at the obligatory restaurants–the Inn and the Wharf. We did make a trip to Walmart, where I saw a curly mullet, and we’ve all been spending a lot of time ogling this guy:

The plans for the week are pretty sparse. I set up the wireless router I bought my dad for father’s day (thanks, Jeff!). I’ve spent a lot of the morning playing my parents’ piano and hanging out on their back deck. It’s a nice view, actually. They live on the edge of town, so there’s a big backyard that backs up to a cornfield. Very Iowa. Oh, and there’s a kid mowing our lawn…someone my parents know, I hope.

Later on in the week I’ll get to see Nellie and her girls who are coming back to the motherland. Yea!



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4 responses to “Back to the Blogosphere

  1. You’re welcome!Hey, my wife is from Iowa and she has a Mexican to help around the homefront too. But he’s lazy and doesn’t get much done. Kinda gives his hard-workin’ brothers in the motherland a bad name.

  2. Blaine is so cute!!!Did you bring Hester with you?

  3. I did bring Hester. I actually was getting her ready to travel, and loosened the strings a bit too much. The bridge fell, and I freaked out. I didn’t realize that the only thing holding the bridge on is the string tension–I thought it was glued or attached somehow. Anyway, she’s here, and I think I put the bridge back right. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I’m glad you’re enjoying home… soon I’ll be home in Montana relaxing on the dock as well. Can’t wait!

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