Ode to MSP

So I’m blogging sooner than I thought. I’m sitting in the Minneapolis airport, awaiting my flight which has been delayed. I’ve already finished watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, read Oprah and National Geographic, so I’m getting kind of bored. The airport is woefully sparse with the outlets for laptop charging, so I’m sitting on the floor between the ladies restroom and a prepaid phone card machine.

In my boredom, I’ve decided to compose a short, rhyming, silly poem called “Ode to MSP” in honor of my favorite airport at which to be stuck:

Ah, M-S-P
You’re the airport for me
From where I sit
to type and knit
an abandoned french fry greets me
Your worn carpet and pleather
and hot muggy weather
welcome me home without so much as 1 tree

Ah, M-S-P
with carts that nearly run over me
Ladies in sweatshirts and stretch pants,
moms with babies who dance
herald me home
irritated by cell phones
to the land of the corn and the beans.

the end.

more to come if I’m still stuck here in another hour.



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2 responses to “Ode to MSP

  1. you are truly a poet, but did you even know it?

  2. Bridget,Since leaving the Iowa lakes area, I only really miss a few things about it. One that I REALLY miss is the Mufeletta (sp?) Sandwich with all the fixings from Dagwood’s in Downtown Spirit Lake. If you do end up coming to Heather’s wedding and happen to be in the lakes area prior to that (it’s a cold sandwich so it would be okay in a cooler or something) I would love you forever if you would bring one this way.

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