For your laughing enjoyment!

Here is a blast from the past. My dad sent it today, after receiving it from one of his German colleagues. My family went to Germany to visit the candy factory where the gummy bears were made, before the Black Forest brand was sold. I think I’m 12 in the picture. I actually think the picture is hilarious because it highlights almost all of the ugly, embarrassing things about being that age. Note the braces, spiral perm, white Keds, and (gasp!) fanny pack. My brother’s glasses are pretty funny too.

This picture makes me rethink the magnitude of any embarrassment in my current adult life. 🙂



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6 responses to “For your laughing enjoyment!

  1. I did chuckle, but only because we all know there are pictures of each one of us like this which are hidden somewhere!

  2. I myself am a big fan of the floral shorts:)

  3. And Heather did you like the matching, tucked-in top? It looks like a home ec. project. I’m glad everyone else finds it humorous too. 🙂

  4. the statue dude kinda looks like willie wonka…?

  5. Holy cow, he does, Brett! That’s crazy.I think we were at some kind of museum on the border between Germany and the Netherlands, but maybe there was a Wonka statue?

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