My kids are taking quarter tests today, which are like exams except that they only cover the current quarter’s material. When they take these tests I sit up front to supervise. This morning, at the beginning of the test, one of my kids was burrowing deep into his ear with his pinky and then licking his finger. Ew!



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7 responses to “Ew!

  1. I hope that wasn’t my brother!

  2. Ha! No, it wasn’t. You should ask your brother though about sharpening his teeth on a pencil.

  3. Haha. Do you mean sharpening his teeth on a pencil or sharpening a pencil on his teeth?I suppose neither is a good idea.

  4. He was turned around in his seat with a pencil in his mouth. I asked him to turn around and take the pencil out of his mouth and he told me he needed it to sharpen his teeth.Ah, 8th graders. πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah, he’ll talk when he really has something to say. Or when other kids in class are bugging him. A few weeks ago he told another kid to hand him papers the right way. It was pretty funny.Your poor brother though, not even here to defend himself. Did you know he used to have the nickname the White Tigress?

  6. The White Tigress?? How did he get that name?

  7. Man, you’re not only telling your kids’ secrets to family members, you’re doing it on the internet! That must violate some code. πŸ™‚It came out in one of my classes that a bunch of the boys had a crush on the mom of one of the other boys. I have bitten my tongue so many times to avoid revealing this information to the mom in question. What is your professional opinion on the ethics of this question? I think she’d be flattered, but I’m afraid she’d be embarrassed and wouldn’t be able to relate normally with these boys again. And since they are her son’s friends, that would be bad. Then again, probably someone as gorgeous as she is has plenty of experience dealing with males with crushes on her. πŸ™‚

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