Last night Jim Skillen, director of the Center for Public Justice, spoke at my church. He talked about the historical/philosophical background of American politics, which I guess I missed in college. Particularly interesting to me was that the idea of looking at government as retributive and negative comes mostly from Locke and others who saw man’s freedom and free will as chief, and therefore gov’t only comes in to “police” those who can’t police themselves.

He talked about another view being that gov’t is part of God’s will for the world, and all of the governmental images in the Bible, something else I guess I hadn’t really considered. And appearantly many others haven’t either, since he talked about just how apathetic and uninvolved most Americans are, Christian or otherwise.

Another interesting thought he put out there was that as Christians, we’re big on signing things and drafting documents, but actually doing very little beyond that.

Then today there were between 50,000 and 100,000 people protesting and marching today in San Jose, in regards to the immigration debate. Having a news helicopter hovering over my apartment made me wonder why the marchers were so effectively mobilized and united, and Christians can’t seem to come together on anything.

And I wonder if it doesn’t come down to self-interest. Like if there was an issue that threatened the freedom or livelihood of the Christian community, would something be done?



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  1. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d think that at least 50,000 Christians in San Jose *do* gather and mobilize every Sunday, when you consider the fact that the primary concern of the church is to worship. I don’t know if 50K is high or low, but you get my drift.Just playing Devil’s advocate – so to speak.Sure, it might be more impressive to outsiders if we were a single unit rather than a composition of little groups, but I think a case could be made that from all the differences mankind can find among its ranks, there is remarkable unity of purpose in the church – so far as gathering to worship is concerned.Hey welcome back! We brought a little sun out for ya, since you seemed to need a little convincing regarding the benefits of a San to the Jo lifestyle.

  2. I guess I wasn’t clear…I meant specifically political issues. There are plenty of issues that Christians feel strongly about, but not a whole lot of action, save protesting at abortion clinics. And yeah, the primary concern of the church is worship, but doesn’t that include politics? Or am I being too reformed? 🙂Thanks for bringing out the sun…The recent weekend lounging by the pool and doing a nature hike are definitely on the “pro” list for San Jose.Thanks for stopping by, Chef! Any more news on Thorn?

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