I heart home

I have loved this trip home. Usually I get bored after 2 or 3 days, but there has been a lot going on. Of course we’ve been hanging out with Blaine, and since I’m from far away I usually get dibs on holding him. He’s great to cuddle with, although his eyes are a little creepy. I didn’t know this, but a baby’s eyes can’t focus on anything when he’s born. So even when he looks at you, you get the feeling he doesn’t really see you. And his pupils never change size, so that’s weird. But, I’m starting to think that maybe being a mom wouldn’t be so bad.

We’ve also had lots of social gatherings. Sunday we had family Easter brunch at Kimbrae, then Monday Kristi, my mom, Blaine and I went shopping in Sioux Falls. That’s one sucky thing about a baby, having so much crap to carry around all the time. He’s cool though.

Today we started on a project. We’re tearing down the gummy bear wallpaper from our bathroom, and painting it. Kristi and I ripped down paper and primed today, and tomorrow Susan and I will paint. Nothing like a little in-law bonding. Here’s a picture of the hideous gummy bears we’ve lived with since we built the house.

Tomorrow night we’ll all bond over scrap books. In honor of the gathering I made orange peel scones and a cake (from scratch!) for the gathering. Rockahontas.

Here’s one other thing you don’t get in San Jose, or at least not from my apartment: a killer sunset.


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