One of my new favorite obsessions is PostSecret. An intriguing idea, I think. I check it out every Sunday, and occasionally use one of the postcards for desktop wallpaper. Oh, and I like to think that someday I’ll recognize a secret from somebody I know, although I think my friends would be too sneaky to reveal their identities.



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  1. huh.I’ve actually spent a lot of time at work thinking about setting up a blog where people can post those kinds of confessions. You could sign your name or not, and people could leave advice or something. I really like that idea. I always felt that I would be the only one on there though.

  2. There was one a few weeks ago of an old couple sitting on a couch, with horns drawn on them in permanent marker. The caption said something like “They don’t speak to me anymore because I’m a liberal.” I liked it.There’s something so…likeable about people who are sharing secrets, anonymous or not.

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